About company

Visiology is the software company focused on creating data analysis, visualization products and collaboration tools.

Our core strengths:
- Deep experience in Data Science, Touch UI, Video conferencing, AV hardware, Embedded systems.
- Mature process of developing software updates and products (based on PMBOK and SCRUM).
- Dedicated Quality Assurance team.
- Dedicated Support Team and ticket management system with self-service portal.

Our products:

  • Polywall - high-end software solution to control video walls and information displays for control rooms, conference halls and Digital Signage projects. Read more at www.polywall.net.
  • Flipbox Software Suite - the powerful software to enhance group collaboration through the use of interactive display. Read more at www.flipbox.net.
Visiology partner network includes more than 100 partners in 30+ countries all over the world.
 Елена Новикова
Ivan Vakhmyanin CEO

Our team