Visiology presented Data Visualization module at InfoComm 16

27 June 2016

Visiology debuted as an exhibitor at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas with its new development Data Visualization module, built as a part of the video wall management software. The module can be used both as an independent Business Intelligence tool and as a part of Polywall software responsible for the interactive visualization of data.

Traditionally, the latest Polywall and Flipbox Software Suite solutions have been demonstrated at Visiology booth. Visiology experts provided visitors with the opportunity to get advice on the selection of hardware equipment and to see software in action. Interactive visualization with real-time updated images, charts and graphs was an innovation of the show. “We aim to create products able to combine advanced, however easy to use functionality. Video wall has already become a common tool for everyday work and we try to make it more accessible both in price and usability.” – said Ivan Vakhmyanin, CEO of Visiology.

Polywall is the easy-to-manage software solution for video walls providing extensive customization features in intuitive interface. The software is applicable for a variety of projects in Command and Control rooms, Collaboration rooms and Digital Signage. It gives users unlimited possibilities for remote data transfer, employee engagement and collaboration. Polywall 2.0 supports the latest integration with video wall controllers of the leading manufacturers, such as Datapath and Matrox.

We were in constant search for ways to improve our software and Big Data integration became a logical step of this development. We developed Data Visualization module able to integrate with enterprise relational database or Hadoop cluster at raw data level. Thus relieved companies of the need to install costly and complex in operation BI platform.” – said Ivan Vakhmyanin, CEO of Visiology. The new Data Visualization module in combination with Polywall software speeds up data processing and calculations, interactive providing slicing and dicing analysis. Created on OLAP-based technologies, the module deals with a predictive modeling and data mining. It is designed to help companies to classify the data, form their own ratings and quantitative scale, as well as to use advanced features of mathematical analysis.

Flipbox Software Suite was another Visiology product showcased at the booth. This is the powerful collaboration software for touchscreens or interactive whiteboards was also available for the visitors. Demonstrated as a part of equipment for meeting rooms, the software allowed visitors to evaluate its benefits with a live demo.