ViTalk AI assistant converses with bussiness visitors at the Visiology booth

Visiology presents a business intelligence platform boosted by a virtual AI assistant at GITEX 2019. ViTalk, which received its name for the ability to understand natural language, is an intelligent business assistant that helps owners, managers and analysts to monitor and plan company performance.

"AI, automated machine learning and conversational analytics are significant trends in the business intelligence world. Visiology BI with ViTalk is a Zero-IT solution and does not require users to have special technical skills. It helps managers to make split-second and well-informed business decisions by providing the required information in response to questions in plain language. We are excited to present Visiology platform with ViTalk and hope to see an interest from the audience," says Ivan Vakhmyanin, CEO of Visiology.

Visiology is a cutting-edge business intelligence platform that helps to collect, analyze and visualize large volumes of data. The output result is the ability to get a snapshot of the entire business at a glance and access more details in the form of interactive dashboards. Visiology makes complicated data intuitive and understandable helping leaders of an organization to make the right decisions at the right time.

Boosted by ViTalk -- an AI virtual assistant -- the platform provides users an opportunity to focus on the results of their work and information critical for the business rather than on learning how to work with complicated software systems. Based on AI technologies such as Auto ML and NLP methods, ViTalk converses with smartphone users and answers plain language questions, for instance: "How is the business performing?", "What is the forecast?", "What are the key drivers of these numbers?". ViTalk pulls relevant data based on the user company profile. ViTalk understands both voice and text messages.

The intelligent assistant facilitates planning management in organizations by reminding staff to update cash flow forecast, collecting figures and loading them into appropriate fields. Push notifications alert users about customer payments. All the data is consolidated in ViQube – fast In-Memory database developed specifically for analytical queries by Visiology team.

Stop by Visiology stand, ask a couple of questions to ViTalk and explore the Visiology platform. We are located at booth H2-B40 in Hall 2.
Visiology – это дружная команда высококвалифицированных специалистов в области анализа данных и разработки ПО