Why Visiology?

Visiology is a cutting-edge business intelligence platform that helps to collect, analyze and visualize large volumes of data. The output result is the ability to get a snapshot of the entire business at a glance and access more details in the form of interactive dashboards. Visiology makes complicated data intuitive and understandable helping leaders of an organization to make the right decisions at the right time.

Agile visualization

Use and customize data visualizations to convey the meaning in an optimal manner.
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Dashboard styles

Set up a corporate style once and don't spend time setting up each widget individually. Switch between styles with just one tap.
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Live Chat Support
Each platform user can seek advice from a Visiology specialist at any time.
Call by phone +7 (495) 133-62-90
Email support@visiology.su
Use online chat
Submit an application on our support portal

For support:
Easy access control
In each report users only see data corresponding to their access rights.
Head of Unit
Moscow Manager
Kazan Manager
High speed data processing
Modern analytics requires hundreds of millions of records to work simultaneously. Conventional DBMSs are not suitable for this, as they are optimized for quick reading and writing of individual records.
Column storage and query processing in RAM (In-Memory)
Optimization for the capabilities of modern processors
Dynamic data change via REST API
Multidimensional Query Execution (OLAP)
The computational core of the Visiology platform - the ViQube analytic DBMS - is optimized specifically for such tasks.
Excel replacement for planning and reporting
Reporting, planning and budgeting in Excel has its drawbacks: time-consuming consolidation, manual input errors, analysis complexity. Visiology allows you to automate these processes in minutes without IT involving.
1. Create a financial model
2. Set up a business process
3. Identify those responsible
Powerful developer tools
Пример JS
Sometimes a system needs to be modified for a specific task or integrate it with other systems. Visiology provides a whole set of APIs and SDKs so developers can do this using convenient tools and programming languages.
JS API for visualization development
REST API for data import and export
Python API for connecting Data Science models
C# API for maintaining business reporting logic
Seamless integration into IT infrastructure
Архитектура платформы Visiology