ViRush: Into the Future of Data Analysis with Visiology
Another successful BI conference - done! "ViRush: into the future of data analysis with Visiology" gathered over 200 top managers, IT department leaders and analysts, as well as BI implementation experts. The event took place on November 14th at the Moscow event hall "InfoProstranstvo" in the city center.

The word ViRush combines two terms: Visual Intelligence and rush. We united intelligent data processing, analysis and visualization into a single expression — Visual Intelligence — to verbalize the concept that helps address the daily need to understand data and make instant data-driven decisions. Meanwhile, "rush" symbolizes the meteoric growth and development of the data analytics industry fueled by modern solutions based on AI.

The conference started with a keynote address from Ivan Vakhmyanin, CEO of Visiology, and Elena Novikova, President of Polymedia group of companies. They talked about the exponential growth of the industry and its implications, as well as gave an overview of global trends in BI, such as augmented analytics, embedded analytics, natural language queries, AutoML, data governance and data ethics.

The event covered topics such as how to calculate the ROI of BI projects, how advanced BI analytics helps identify factors that influence sales, an overview of simple sales forecast models in Python, key elements of data visualization, reporting and planning in the Visiology platform, key financial KPIs for business and how to interpret them, successful BI implementation cases and others.

The event concluded with an entertaining quiz and a networking session at the "Data Bar" with featured cocktails titled "digital transformation", "ViTalk artificial intelligence", "data collection" and others.

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